We are working with the FMS switching system of the company Austrosoft, which allows us a quick and precise placement of orders. This gives you as a customer faster your taxi while effective placement is possible for the driver.



The dispatchers can always query the location of taxis and so track the movement of taxis just up to you. For complicated addresses, the driver can be guided as responsive to you, while the dispatchers can answer your inquiries more accurately. Thus, the arrival time of their taxis can be determined very accurately, also involving difficult traffic conditions.



Our drivers are mobile at all times, not reachable due to radio coverage is a thing of the past. In the case of mobile holes each taxi has an alternative wireless network, so that requests and assistance at any time.


Vehicle technology

Each taxi has a GPS to reach your destination quickly and outside of Zurich. Additionally, each of our vehicles a reader for credit cards in addition to receipt printer to allow cashless rides with minimal effort.



Our customers include many companies in and around Zurich.