In addition to passenger transportation in public transport we assume Krankentransporte for all cash and carry courier and transport services by different conditions.

Optionally we offer when available to the carriage of wheelchairs, bicycles and animals and do various errands for you. Of course you can also pre-order your taxi or specify regular trips in advance.

Our dispatchers They also advise you on ambulance runs and give you information about the availability of large space taxis.

We look forward to your order!







For companies, we also offer the possibility to carry out trips on invoice. This can be done by in advance exactly named rides or by naming a password that call your staff upon boarding the driver. In any case, we need prior to you a declaration of cost that you send us by fax or e-mail.

Transport Services

In addition to passenger cars, we like to take other transport services, which depending on the type, however, different availability:

Courier services

As we also provide courier services, your package deliveries can be recycled and a first class service received, directly at your destination. With us you have the possibility to receive an e-mail as a confirmation once your package has been picked up or set.

 Subject Transportation

This covers any kind of cargo that can be accommodated within the normal load capacity of a car. It is picked up by the customer and sent to the destination where the trip is paid for. These orders can be accepted by us and executed immediately. If, however to greater goods whose transport without used appropriately fuse can not be guaranteed or otherwise could be problematic, consultation is first to keep up with the dispatchers. These orders can only be accepted subject then, as this first a suitable vehicle and driver must be found.

Vehicle returns - pilot rides tandem rides

If you want to take your vehicle home, but even can not go any more, we offer an appropriate service with two drivers. For this, however is payable twice the fare as a driver takes their vehicle to your home and another this again has to take back. As for this purpose two drivers must reach you in a timely manner, we can offer this service only with appropriate utilization and availability. Our dispatchers will be but, if you give information about it and try to fulfill your wish.

 Food tours

If you want to enjoy a dish from your favorite restaurant at home, but no delivery service is available, we will also be happy to transport to your home.

Shopping & errand trips

Use us as shopping or errand help late at night or in emergencies:

* Collection of medicines from pharmacies

* Errand trips from kiosks and gas stations

* Shopping trips

The procurement of alcoholic beverages is, however, excluded from this, moreover, these trips can be arranged on a voluntary basis. But our dispatchers give you this like more information


In addition to pure passenger transport may be exercised at different conditions Additional options:

Wheelchair entrainment

If the wheelchair is foldable and you can take sitting in the cab space, we take your wheelchair with you and help you get started. Only a specially converted wheelchair taxi, we're currently not offering.

Pet Policy

If you need your pet to the vet or want to take your favorite otherwise, we will send you an appropriate vehicle. Please, however, necessarily give the Pet Policy when ordering.


Unfortunately, the transport of bicycles can not be guaranteed in principle because a specialist corresponding vehicle must be free. Our dispatchers are located but, if you seek an appropriate transport and you can provide more detailed information on the phone.


desired taxi

They have made very good experience with a particular driver? Our dispatchers will meet when available like your desire. Please seek to give the name of the taxi driver or the car number of the taxis at the moment.

Knowledge of foreign languages

If available, we will send you a driver with specific language skills. At present we can drivers for the following languages have on demand:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian.


Appointment rides - Pre

As an alternative to spontaneous trip You can also pre-order your taxi like. Basically, there are no time limits, since we have around the clock in the car use.

• unpredictable traffic and weather changes can not be scheduled under certain circumstances.

• For larger groups, we also need the number of persons in order to make any necessary arrangements can.

• Pre-registrations can not be accepted for the New Year's Eve at 18:00.

Our dispatchers are at your disposal for requests.

Standing orders

If you want to undertake regularly sheduled travel by taxi, our dispatchers can assist. We are happy to take your transportation to the doctor, to work or driving your children to school. Give the corresponding dates and we take care of the mediation. Of course you can also order a special specific driver for this.

XXL taxi

Unfortunately, the availability of a large space taxis can not be guaranteed in principle. As the number of our metropolitan area taxis is limited, their status can be requested by telephone from our dispatchers. But our employees they provide information about the respective availability and expected wait time. Please let us know when ordering in any case the number of persons as well as a phone number, so we can communicate with longer wait times.

Airport transfers - pick-up and shuttle service

Your benefits when you use our airport transfer service:

• Do not wait for a taxi, but we are waiting for you.

• We are waiting for you with a name board at the exit.

Free child seats and very advantageous fixed prices. Ask for? To expect any surprise!

Excursions around Zurich

We offer trips to the most beautiful regions in Switzerland, especially for travelers in small groups.
  Or you might want to go skiing in the beautiful local resorts? You can see all information about our ski transfers in the Alps.
  Whether as individuals or in small groups: We offer the comfort of our modern, quiet and spacious vans.

Comprehensive service

Punctual and reliable standby service and support during your stay:

• Trips
• Special tours
• Visits
• Shop
• Events






You can order your taxi classic by phone or via the Internet online:

By telephone from Switzerland: 078 723 23 72

By phone from abroad:              0041 78 723 23 72

By Internet online:            

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