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Profile dispatcher / in

Our dispatchers work round the clock in 8-hour shifts, to ensure the continuous availability of the Centre. In addition, they are the contact for both customers and for our employees in the taxi, so they must be many demands. In addition, they are responsible for their layer usually alone and should therefore be able to work independently. Each new employee is, however, previously thoroughly trained by our permanent staff, so no one is used unprepared.

Vocational training is not necessarily required, but qualifications that could arise from your personality, as well as interest in the activity. This includes the notion of service and the work on the phone as well as a basic and expandable local knowledge. Furthermore, a large flexibility in working hours is required as a result of our long-term accessibility. However, the precise scheduling depends on the individual case.


• Order acceptance and placement on Industry Software (FMS).

• Telephone support from customers, drivers and operators.

• Complaints and complaint acceptance.

• Simple clerical activities.


• Joy of calls with service orientation.

• excellent knowledge of German.

• basic PC skills (Windows / Office).

• Local knowledge.

• Willingness to weekend and holiday work.

• Flexible working hours (early, late, night shift).

• independent working.

• conflict enabled Endurance.

• reliability.

Profile taxi driver / in

As a taxi driver you immediately serve the customer and must therefore work very service-oriented. In addition to pure passenger transport, this also relates to corresponding special services and additional transport services. You get your journeys either by the control panel, your contractor and possibly own regular customers. Here you are in your work solely responsible and look at the activity involves various situations over, but you can get in any doubt, the help of the Centre or your contractor.

Your tools In addition to an appropriate license including driving experience mainly from extensive local knowledge, which you have to prove separately in a local knowledge test. Essential prerequisite for employment as a taxi driver is also the possession of the passenger certificate, which in turn is subject to additional conditions.


• Fluency in German.

• Joy of driving and dealing with people.

• service-oriented and independent work.

• B license plus 2 years of driving experience.

• Proof Ortskunde examination.

• valid driver's license for passenger transport.

• conflict management.

• reliability.

Passenger transport license

For the license for passenger transport, different conditions apply. For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant applications and information leaflets:

• medical certificate of physical and mental aptitude (application).

• eye doctor's opinion.

• criminal record certificate.

• Ortskunde examination (leaflet).