Data protection

The contents of our website are not in principle require the disclosure of personal data.

The only exception represent our contact forms for which the indication of corresponding data for contact is necessary. The use of these forms, however, is voluntary and is not a condition of your use of our online service. Also, these data will not be, but only used for the generation of an email to the operator of the website.

However, we must point out that the communication for technical reasons it is not certain by email, and therefore we can assume no liability for the protection of your data. It should therefore only those data are disclosed, which are necessary to solve the situation. If you have concerns about the security of your data, you can use the by phone of course available at any time.

In our own interest, we also oppose the misuse of our published by contact data for advertising and information. We reserve the right to take legal action, should we nevertheless unsolicited advertising information be sent.